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Membership & Competition

Membership & Competition

SportingDNA is the next generation Membership Management solution for Sports organisations.

We have designed SportingDNA to combine all the best elements of Membership Management, integrated Competition Management, On-Line Registration, and a High Performance Management solution for your sports’ elite athletes – all linked together with a unique Social Networking front end.

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Clubs N' Teams

Clubs N' Teams

Clubs n’ Teams is web based Membership Management Solution designed specifically for Sports Clubs and Teams. It is based on the same systems National Sports Organisations use, but simplified for use at Club level.

Clubs n’ Teams requires no training to use and allows Club and Team administrators to better manage their members, increase their effective membership database and create commercial opportunities for Sponsors and supporters alike.


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High Performance

High Performance

SportingDNA has built a worlds' first completely web-based High Performance Management solution.

It is flexible enough to suit the needs of Institutes, Academies, Centre's of Excellence and Teams.

Built on the same platform as our Membership Management solution, the SDNAPerformance system uses Web2.0 technology.



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New Clubs Based Application

SportingDNA has started working with a number of Sports Club's to develop a simple, easy to use Clubs Based application specfically for smaller operators.

Said SDNA CEO, Simon Reffold; "We normally work with National Sports Organisations, but recently we have seen a real spike in the enquires coming from Clubs and Associations, desperate to get some sort of application that will help them streamline their Club administration.

"Clubs N' Teams is a web based application that will allow a Club Administrator to start managing their Club straight away; with simple tools to upload and manage lists of members and then let them easily communicate. We're all about building communities and groups - so that Teams can easily talk to each other and administrators talk to the teams."

Clubs N' Teams feature's on-line or back office registration, active on-line portals for members, the ability for administrators to create and name Divisions or Age groups and Teams within those groups. Communications are via email, newsletter, Instant Messaging and shortly SMS.

There is also the ability to add payment and full on-line registration, and this is all easily configured by the user.

"we have brought much of the features the NSO's use, down to Club level" said Simon. We know that's what they want so now we are going to provide it.

First Sports are Soccer and Netball with Softball and Tennis now in development.

Rowing Canda's atheltes now Mobile

Rowing Canada Aviron have just launched the new SDNA High Performance mobile application.

Now all athletes part of the Rowing Canada high performance pathway will be able to record and track their training, sleep, hydration well-being and injury/sickness via a mobile application.

Simon Reffold, of SportingDNA said "We decided that a mobile site log-in for athletes that work on ALL types of mobile devices was preferable to an App. They get full functionality across a range of devices and operating systems".

All Athletes in the High Performance pathway will now have access to testing data and reports allowing them to track their own development. Chuck McDiarmid from Rowing Canada said "We already allow the athletes to enter and update their own testing data and see where they are in terms of testing benchmarks, this extends the scope of that data recording and allows coaches and service providers access to their athletes data." The way the SportingDNA application allows Coaches, Athletes and Service Providers to continually share information is a real boon for our development programmes".

A similar mobile application is about to be deployed to service providers and coaches to allow them to track injuries and sickness across their squads.





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